Weebly eCommerce Review

Taking the first steps to building your own online store can feel quite challenging; however, the process can also be exciting if you want to simplify the technical aspect of it. The trouble is – how do you do that? There are thousands and thousands of people who have come up with a great business plan, only to fall short on the final ‘delivery’ due to their lack of coding skills.

That’s where we come in with Weebly ecommerce review; we recommend checking out this amazing drag & drop brand maker and website builder simply because it was tailor-made for fresh entrepreneurs and smaller brands that are yet to put their stamp on the market.

What’s Weebly eCommerce and how it works

In essence, the Weebly store is among the simplest, most straightforward platform in the website building market. Weebly partnered up with more than 22 host-providers, such as HostMonster, PowWeb, Dotster, Verio, WebHostingPad, and many others, delivering the most comprehensive and easiest access to webpage templates and utility plugins you can use to create an online store.

It works on the plain ‘drag & drop’ mechanism, which basically means that all you’ll have to do is choose from a variety of templates and simply ‘drag’ them from the dashboard onto the interface. You’ll be able to freely customize the templates as much as you want, but they’re already great as-is.


Any established eCommerced platform such as Weebly is packed with tons of top-shelf features, but this particular one kicks it up a notch in terms of versatility. Its flexibility stretches so wide so as to cater to most immediate needs of small brands and allow rapid, continual growth to take place as your market presence expands.

The first and most notable feature of Weebly eCommerce is the versatile shipping capability; you’ll be able to put both physical and digital products on sale, which means that it’s suitable for both traditional and modern catalogs.

The second feature that you’ll want to know more about is the mobile-friendly store capability. You can ‘enable ‘your online store to be available and accessible via smartphones, which will certainly extend your reach to more potential leads and customers almost exponentially.

Thirdly, we’ve briefly touched on the topic of ‘templates’; Weebly offers a diverse catalog of themes and templates, allowing you to build unique, exquisite pages and combine them into a customized, personalized finished product.

Moreover, there’s also the ‘page-finder’ utility feature that will further simplify the search for individual pages.

Hosting and backups

Cloud storage is the main mode of hosting for Weebly; of course, you’ll have a set amount of space available for use unless you opt for Business/Performance plan – the latter offers unlimited cloud storage at all times.

In terms of backups, you will have to manually download every individual one; Weebly’s eCommerce platform does not offer any built-in features as far as backups go. Migration-wise, you’ll receive full customer support migrating from the initial domain to your newer ones.