What are the benefits of clearing Cisco Certification Exam?

A Cisco Certification Exam is one of the hardest tests for IT practitioners. Cisco focuses in networking hardware and equipment’s such as routers and network switches. That is why the certification curriculum is oriented towards this area of information technology.

Before you attempt to take the tests offered by Cisco, you need to consider the various degrees of certification. A detailed understanding of the Cisco certification tracks is crucial if you want to quickly get a certificate and become a Cisco certified professional.

Associate Level Certification

Out of various certification programs of Cisco,it is one of the lower-tier ones. It is suitable for entry level networking practitioners. There are two separate certification pathways in this level.

The first direction is the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and the other one is the Cisco Certified Design Associate. It is necessary for any networking professional to be certified if they want to easily conquer other certification programs.

The Professional Standard Certification

The next tier of the Cisco certification is the professional rank. There are also two pathways to this level namely the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and the Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP).

The professional degree is naturally tougher than the Associate certification program. There are also several tests that you need to pass in order to receive a professional Cisco certification. Just a limited number of IT practitioners worldwide have credential from Cisco at this stage.

The Cisco Certified Internet Worker Specialist

This is Cisco’s toughest certification program and is considered the toughest credentialing program in the IT industry as a whole. There are few experts holding CCIE certification, and they are the business elite.

If you want a stable job boost and want a six-digit salary, then you can reach for a CCIE certificate. However if you wish to receive a CCIE certification, you need to spend more in your schooling and training.

How to Plan Cisco Certification

There are various ways of certification training. There is an acceptable method for each standard to pass the Cisco exams. Here are the general methods, however when planning for any Cisco certification exam:

  1. Often train a Cisco certified teaching partner. Cisco has multiple training partners all around the world. You have more chances to pass certification if you study at one of the approved educational centers.
  2. Often take a Cisco virtual test. This would boost your confidence during the real certification tests. You can also get acquainted with the Cisco test structure in a virtual exam.
  3. Get hands-on training and learn in a true network environment. No Cisco test can be passed by brain dumping processes. You ought to have a strong understanding of networking designs and systems. Cisco sets the emphasis on practical skills and the tests are skewed by people with real experience.

Any Cisco certification test is going to be tough. But there’s no excuse why you can’t take these assessments if you’re planning properly and enriching your background of network design and deployment.