What are the data science applications in our everyday life?

In recent times, Data science has been helping us in many ways such as:

  1. Fraud/Risk detection- The early applications of data science began with Finance. Companies were tired of losses each year and were having a history of bad debts. However, they used to get loads of data which then got collected during the paperwork while giving out loans so they decided to call in data scientists in order to take them out of this situation where they were constantly facing losses.
  2. Healthcare- This sector receives a good amount of benefits from the data science applications. Things like medical image analysis, genetics and genomics, drug development, customer support and virtual assistance were some of the things by which people were benefitted the most. They helped a lot of patients and brought them comfort. Now sitting at home, they can get what they want. They can now book appointments, ask doctors, setting a reminder for medicines at home on their mobile applications.
  3. The gaming industry- The gaming industry is liked by almost every child as they love playing games all day. Games with good graphics and functions have been made possible because of the machine learning algorithms that are used in creating.
  4. Speech recognition– Now these days you do not have even to touch your mobile phones, just ask your mobile out to perform an activity as you would say to another person. The best examples of speech recognition are Siri, Google voice, Alexa.

These were just a few examples where data science has been used to make our everyday life easier. There are plenty more examples where data science is used.

How can you secure your future in this field?

All these are done by experts in data science, which include data scientists, data engineer. You can also become one by simply joining the Data Science Course, which is done online. It is a certified course made by the professionals in their fields, and after successfully completing the course, you will be eligible to become a data scientist and be a part of data science.

An offline Data Science Course in Bangalore is being held for the people who want to make a career in this field of data science. A universally accepted certificate will be given after successful completion of the course after which you will also be placed in a company of data science. It has a great placement record of the candidates who have completed the course.