What are the Factors that Impact CTR?

CTR stands for click through rate that determines how often people come across an ad or a link that redirects them to an ad. CTR is an important factor when it comes to online marketing via ads. As a matter of fact, most PPC channels such as Google Adwords help in determining what an ad ranks, how it does and how much an advertiser pays per link. Usually a higher CTR means lower cost and better ranking. 

According to every digital marketing consultancy, here are the factors that impact CTR.


  • Ad relevance


This determines how well an ad relates to the keywords that an advertiser has targeted with an ad. The more relevant your keywords are to the ad, the more the online searchers will relate to the ad that leads to better CTR. Ad relevance helps you in finding the keywords that don’t work well with boosting your ads.


  • Network


Shopping ads and search network text are the ones that have the higher CTR than display campaigns. But, retargeting or remarketing the ad campaigns lead to better CTRs when compared to other kinds of display campaigns.


  • Type of device used


CTR also tends to vary on the basis of the device being used due to an ad rank. Mobile CTR is usually higher when worked on PCs and tablets as mobile screens are smaller and ads can take the entire space when the user scrolls down the page.


  • Ad rank


This is also a factor that determines your CTR. If your rank is not high enough on search engines, then it may have more impressions but less CTR. It is claimed that ads in a search engine differ hugely by rank, the top rank bears an average of 7.11 percent CTR and the site with 9th position has only .55 percent CTR.


  • Channel


The type of platform used to display and ad impacts the CTR. People searching on Google are different than the people searching on social media network. CTR is significantly influenced by traffic source, website loading speed, and ad placement. Social media visitors showcase less CTR than visitors from search engines. Ads on the top has higher CTR than the bottom fold. Also a slow loading page has higher bounce rate which brings down the CTR. CMS matters when considering loading speed. For more, visit the website.