What Do I Need To Unlock My Mobile?

You have to follow a few steps to complete the process, and the first thing you will need is the IMEI of your phone.

What Is The IMEI Of A Phone?

So that you understand it quickly, the IMEI is like the ID of your phone. It is a unique identifier number, and you need it to unlock your mobile for free.

How Do I Get The IMEI?

Dial * # 06 # on your terminal, and an extended number will appear on the screen; THAT’S YOUR IMEI. Could you write it down?

Once you have this information, you have to contact the operator that has the phone blocked.

Get the Smartphone Unlock Code

The next step to take is to contact the operator to provide us with the terminal unlock code.

They will ask us for the IMEI of the terminal (which we have previously had to obtain and write down), and with this information, we can get the famous unlock or release code.

It is essential that we know that we must contact the operator with the terminal block and not the operator we want to go to.

For example, if we get our mobile phone through LG LM-X210MA, but now we want to use it with a Movistar SIM card, we will have to contact Vodafone, since only they can provide you with the unlock code to unlock your mobile for free from home.

Steps To Follow With Your Operator

Most operators offer the possibility of following a few steps online to get the unlock code for your terminal.

If you are fluent on the Internet and want to do the process online, you can do it from your operator’s website, but you also have the option of doing it by phone, if that way you stay safer.

Asking for the Unlock Code by phone is the most comfortable option since you only have to contact your operator’s customer service, and they will guide you through the whole process.

We remind you that they have an obligation to provide you with this code so that the terminal can be released.

Usually, the process is not immediate, and it can take even a few days to provide you with the unlock code. Be patient that in the end, it will be worth it.

As you can see, it is relatively easy to unlock a free mobile from home.