What Elements You Should Have on Your Event’s Sales Page


Selling tickets to an event requires some expert planning, and it requires you to think about how you are going to present your event to those who might be interested in attending. This means that you need to create a sales page that will answer all of your customers’ questions when it comes to the event and making sure that you have made the extra effort to make enticing for them to buy.

Here are some elements you’re going to want to make sure you have when you create your event’s sales page.

Make it stand out

Depending on what type of event you are throwing, you are going to want to make sure that you have taken the time to think about design. You might want to feature pictures of the speakers or artists that will be headlining the show, as well as include some interactive features to keep them interested. A boring sales page is much less likely to convert, so putting in a little extra effort to make it look nice can go a long way.

Include clear details

You’ll also want to make sure that attendees are aware of where the event is taking place, the best accommodation options near the event, and where they can find parking. Whether you want to send this info after they have signed up and through email is up to you, but it can help your potential customers if you include that info within the sales page itself. This can help to gain trust and help them plan before they have even completed the checkout process.

Let them know your refund policy

Another thing you will want to mention on your sales page is what your attendees should expect when it comes to your refund policy. If they happen to experience a tragedy and need to cancel their booking, you want to make sure they can do it smoothly. You should include information for other circumstances, as well, such as if an attendee would like to transfer the ticket to someone else or if they would like to upgrade or downgrade to a different status. One easy way to do this is by using a WordPress event registration plugin, you can simply this process so your clients can quickly make changes.

Include confirmation

You’ll also want to confirm with your customers that they have registered correctly and most likely reiterate the information they need to attend the event. You will want to include their order number and a receipt so if they have questions about the event, they have something to reference. Many programs make it simple to make sure all that info is sent by email once the attendee’s registration has been fully booked.

In summary

Your sales page is what is going to make the final decision for those interested in attending your event, which means that you should put some extra time and effort into making sure that it looks professional and answers any questions potential attendees might have.