What Makes SiteLock The Best Website Security Solution?

As the number of websites on the internet increases, the potential threats have increased too. Hackers and cyber-miscreants are targeting all kinds of sites, small and big, to gain unauthorized access and cause havoc. Hence, most site owners have been focusing on security to keep such threats at bay and choose web hosting providers that are focused on website protection too. There are various methods and tools to protect the website. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most popular site security tools – SiteLock Website Security and look at the reasons behind its popularity.

1. Scans for vulnerabilities

Tools like SiteLock are popular for the comprehensive security features they offer with regards to site security. One of the best features of SiteLock that makes it so popular is vulnerability scanning. Since prevention is better than cure, scanning for security vulnerabilities, and patching them is much better than fighting a cyber-attack. SiteLock scans your website regularly for malware and ensures that corrective action is taken before any havoc is created by the hacker, thereby guaranteeing basic webpage security.

2. Uses a Firewall

A firewall is usually the first line of defense against the big bad online world. It monitors all traffic hitting the webserver. This allows it to keep any malicious traffic or hacking attempts at bay. SiteLock uses a firewall to block any potentially harmful requests. This is primarily beneficial in identifying bot-based attacks. Also, it sends you an alert every time it identifies a security issue. SiteLock website protection also tries to identify the source of the attack for better all-round protection.

3. Scans web applications

Apart from the website, SiteLock also scans all applications used by you. This is also done to help identify any security loopholes or vulnerabilities. While most site owners ensure that all applications are updated regularly, it is difficult to find out if the updated versions are secure. Developers ensure the stability of the update, but security loopholes can arise. SiteLock website protection adds another layer of protection by going through the app catalog and checking the updated versions against it.

4. Seal of Trust

Online users expect websites to take all measures to ensure a secure site. A virus or malware on the server can also be a security threat to users as their devices can get infected via the website. When you use SiteLock, it displays a security trust seal on the website. This is a visual indication of the fact that your site has been scanned for viruses and malware today and has been found secure. This goes a long way in establishing trust with your site visitors and creating an image of being a safe and reliable brand.

Summing Up

There are many security tools available that help protect you against online threats. SiteLock has gained popularity since it offers comprehensive 360-degree protection and prefers a proactive approach to a reactive one. Gone are the days when only mega corporations needed to be worried about getting hacked. In today’s times, hackers spare no site and once they gain control, they use it for various benefits. Hence, ensure that you have the best tools like SiteLock in your arsenal to fight against all such attacks. You can buy a SiteLock Basic plan and upgrade if need be. Good Luck!

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