What’s in Your Ink Cartridge – Learn About the Types of Printer Inks

Have you ever wondered what that ink inside your ink cartridge is made of? It might be more than just ink. Manufacturers use a variety of chemicals to create the colors they need. 

Ink cartridges are a necessary part of owning a printer. But are you wondering what the different types of ink cartridges are? There are a few different printer ink types you might see, depending on what type of printer you have. 

Here are the types of ink cartridges you may find:

  • Dye-based ink

Dye ink is a liquid ink type for inkjet printers that provide sharp, brilliant, uninterrupted images. Thin atomic patterns in the colors are soaked by the paper instantly. The majority of basic inkjet printers utilize dye as this is the cheaper form of ink. Unfortunately, they are not water-resistant and finally vanish over years.

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  • Liquid ink

Liquid ink is sprayed on the paper as small droplets to make a picture using inkjet printers. The use of liquid ink lets you print brighter colors than can be obtained using laser printers.

  • Pigmented ink

It is a different sort of fluid ink, which can maintain the same colors over time and do not go away, are pricier than colored inks. Although the visuals are longer lasting, they are even less dynamic.

Professional photographers might use numerous mixes of ink and paper to enhance color depth, sharpness, and sound. It is developed for professional photographers to provide persistent color.

  • UV ink

UV ink forms pictures by treating the page using ultraviolet radiation. Unbelievably fast, UV-dry images print, but it’s one of the costliest tints.

  • Solid ink

The solid inks are imprinted on a paper layer with a wax-like material identical to pencils. This requires a smaller decline and more brilliant image degradation over a period. Solid inks also provide ecological benefits but their poor supply is a big drawback.

  • Ribbon ink

For dot and matrix printers ribbon ink is utilized and provides color on a blank sheet. Their cartridges are made of a long ribbon cloth on rollers that hits the sheet during printing.

  • Toner

Toner is used for Laser Printers, a dust pigment, and attaches pictures to paper when heated. Toner usually is more costly than ink cartridges, but frequently takes time to equalize costs.

Different inks use different papers. The greatest high-gloss finishing of paper does not match pigment inks. Choosing a matte sheet with Colorlok® helps you get good outcomes when working with color-based inks. Colorlok has been intended to suck the fluid into the center of the most sheet farther from the dye.


The type of ink you should get depends on the type of image you want. Once you choose the printer and the type that feels right for you, it is essential to make the most out of the sheet that you have chosen.