When Your Imagination Comes To Life In Front Of You

The ability of the human mind to imagine things is out of this world. When you are in a situation where leaving the house is out of the question, you have to do everything online while you sit at home; your imagination will run wild. That is why we love books and movies. Anything that can spice up our minds and entertain is welcome.

The reason people love books over movies is, it lets you imagine things in your mind but does not tell you specifically what to see. You can imagine a character according to your likes and dislikes, and nobody can stop you from doing so. On the contrary, movies tend to spoon-feed you the things they want you to see. There is a lack of imagination when it comes to viewing movies.

Every single thing you read in a book plays in your mind however you want. You could read Harry Potter (before the movies came out) and imagine Harry (or Hermoine) as your crush or, you could conjure up the Hungarian Horntail that Harry fights against to get its egg in the fourth book. You could even give it special powers, make it look more dangerous according to your wishes. It would not matter because nobody can get into your imagination and judge you for it.

You could conjure Augmented reality animals according to your imagination because who is going to stop you? The advantage of Augmented Reality is that there is no script so you can make up what you want and do whatever you want. You can make the animals talk like they would in an interview on TV and walk like they are on a runway in a fashion show.

If cars are your dream, an Augmented reality car that you can have in your garage or driveway is the best thing when you can’t afford a real one. You can think of how you would look as you drive it and that is enough to make you a happy person. Even though it is exceedingly difficult to buy a sports car, an AR car makes you happy until you can afford to buy the real deal. You can’t play fast and furious with the car in reality, but Augmented Reality will help you with that.

Let’s forget about novels and books for a minute and think about what would happen if we used AR learning in school. It is something to ponder upon once in a while. You can learn history as you watch the holograph of Martin Luther King Jr. give his “I Have a Dream” speech. You can confirm for yourself if Shahjahan ordered the cutting off of the hands of every artisan who worked on the Taj Mahal to avoid the construction of a similar building.

Books inspire our imagination but AR brings it to life. For every figment of our mind, augmented reality is the solution. Every single piece of your mind, every single scenario that it makes up, all of it will come to life as and when you want.