Where to Get Your MAC Product Repaired In Thailand

If you live in Thailand or just visiting and you have problems with your MacBook, there is an authorized repair center where to get it repaired. You can take your computer to Mac Studio and that is where to repair MacBook [ซ่อม MacBook ที่ไหนดี, which are the term in Thai]. They accept repair of all MacBook models. They also have genuine parts that are somewhat cheaper than online. You will also get 6 months insurance with after-sales or repair service. 


If you need to have speakers replaced as the original ones crackle or have no sound, Mac Studio are able to replace any speakers on iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro, MacPro. Genuine parts are available. They also have service after repair. You can also have the condition check first, then get a quote for your repair cost at no additional fee or no charge. 

Add memory

You can also get service to add memory on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacMini, or MacPro. They can also change the SSD hard drive that make the Mac Work faster and is under a 1-3 years warranty. 

Change screen

They can also replace the computer screen no matter what problem there is. They can replace both the screen on the outside or the whole set of screens, using genuine parts. Just like many computer screens, one drop and you can have a crack to your screen that can also lead to other symptoms and problems. 

Repair video card

This repair service can repair or replace the video card at a rather cheap price with standard machines. After the repair or replacement you will have a warranty on their work.


Mac Studio can replace batteries in the MacBook, MacBookPro, or MacPro. These are genuine batteries and are guaranteed for up to 6 months. Services of checking the battery condition before exchanging the battery can be done with no charge.