Which Marketing Strategy is Beneficial for your Business Growth SEO or Google Adwords?

For those who do Digital Marketing, words like SEO, Google Adwords are not too unfamiliar. However, understanding these tools is not easy. Understanding this today, we would like to share interesting facts about the difference and mutual support between the two SEO tools and Google Adword to help us understand more deeply about the marketing strategies that utilize these two tools.


The role of SEO in Digital Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is understood as the process of optimizing the factors that affect the website’s ranking on the customer search results page, helping customers find their website faster without losing any cost for Google. The better SEO, the higher your website will rank on the search engine results page (SERP). However, we need to apply more methods and tools in online marketing to increase the number of customers visiting our website. For websites used to promote and market services and products such as: website to introduce companies, website for sales, website to provide travel services…

Google Adwords

Another form of website promotion, branding, reaching users, and product marketing in Digital Marketing is Google Adwords. Information about products and services searched by customers will be displayed next to the natural results and on the Google link column. When using Google Adwords, your website ads will be displayed when customers search for related keywords.

Usually when doing Digital Marketing, online marketing companies often pay attention to combining tools together to improve and develop website for their business. Even if you see SEO has helped your website to the top position, you should still use Google Adwords in parallel to maintain this top position.

  • Compared to Google Ads, SEO takes a long time to get results. But, SEO services in Chandigarh help your website get high on the organic search list. The highlight of SEO is that each customer click on the link is completely free, you only need to spend a small amount of money to maintain your rankings. That is why more and more SEO service companies appear to support client projects.
  • In contrast, Google Adwords will give you the results right after you set up an advertising campaign. The guarantee of Google Ads is that it will more or less put your website in the list of search results. With SEO, there is always a probability.
  • SEO focuses on high search volume keywords related to your website.
  • Google Adwords also promotes your website and advertises your website, and puts your website first in the list of natural search results. This is a location that customers can easily see and access.
  • One advantage of Google Adwords that we can easily see is that you can target a large number of keywords at a time.
  • With Google Ads, it is easy for managers to calculate the profits earned.
  • Google Adwords helps increase the number of customers and sales quickly.
  • The big downside of SEO is that search rankings will drop if they don’t continuously generate customer interactions.
  • SEO not only optimizes the content in your website, but also optimizes the quality of links to your website.
  • Google Adwords immediately generates results when you finish setting up an advertising campaign. This is very suitable for increasing sales, launching inventory products, and seasonal products.
  • Once on the Top, SEO services in Chandigarh will give you long-term results, but with Google Adwords you just need to stop the campaign, immediately the number of visits to your website stops.
  • SEO clicks are much more valuable than the clicks from Google Adwords.