Why Choosing Your Own Concealed Carry Vest Is Important In This Technological Age

One concealed carry option that many people like is a vest. These offer a lot of flexibility and customization. They can also be found in many different designs. However, the amount of flexibility with these means that you want to choose your own vest. Here are some of the features that you need to decide on yourself.

Tactical or Casual

The first thing you need to consider is what style you prefer. There are two main categories for concealed carry vests. Most of them have a tactical design, but many newer models are casual. Whether you want a tactical or casual vest is up to you.


You can find a vest made out of almost any material. You want to pick this out yourself because it should blend with your personal style. Think of your favorite material and try to find a vest in it.


You want your CCW vest to fit your lifestyle. You may want one that you can take with you on all your outdoor adventures. Or, you may find one that makes detecting your concealed weapon difficult when strolling through urban areas. Think about whether you would rather spend a Saturday afternoon working in the garden or a museum. Making sure your vest fits your lifestyle is a major factor that only you can decide.

Carry Position

Wherever you like to hold your weapon, you can find a vest that has that configuration. You may even be able to find some designed to carry a holster if you can’t find a setup that you like. However, only you can be the one to decide which carry position you want.

Concealed carry vests are a prevalent choice because they offer a lot of flexibility. Because of these customizable features, it is best if you choose your own vest.