Internet helps in getting all the information about everything, even about the plants too. Keeping the plants healthy, watering them sufficiently on time is a big task for the gardeners. With mobile application development Dubai, you can develop a plant health checkup app for the gardeners. Technology helps in doing every task easily. Plant health check up apps are hassle free and user-friendly. Even the beginners who do not know anything about gardening can also use this app with mobile application development Dubai.

Importance of Plant Health Check-up app

Plant health checkup app helps the gardeners in many ways with mobile application development Dubai.

  • This app gives gardeners the suggestions about what to plant next in the garden.
  • When the gardener plants a plant, he can enter the date of planting. With this, the app will let you know the progress of the plant.
  • This app also makes sure that your plant is getting everything it needs like pH level of the soil, sufficient sunlight, etc.
  • Gardeners can track the growth of a plant and its growing schedule.
  • With the help of the plant health checkup app, gardeners can grow plants according to the seasons and record the growth for the following seasons.
  • They can take pictures and add them in the notes feature and can also write about the plant growth. This will help the gardeners very much.


Gardeners get notified about when to water the plants and other requirements with the help of alarms. With this, they won’t forget to water the plants and can keep them alive for a long time.


Plant health checkup app allows the gardeners to take a picture and grade a physical map of their gardens. This lets them know which plant is planted where and locating the plants becomes easier.

Moon phase

There is also a moon calendar and the app. It is said that the moon phase is important in the plant growth. The app will tell about how to adjust the plant for the current moon phase.

Pests and diseases

Plant health check-up app identifies if any pest, wild plants, any diseases or any spots on the leaves have popped up. By just clicking the picture of the plant, the app will show all the results and what next step has to be taken.


There are some plants which the gardeners want to plant in the future but they can forget their names. For this, they can add the names of the desired plants which they want to grow by adding them in the wish list feature with mobile application development Dubai.

Plants do need love and care when they grow. So it’s important to look after them. Gardeners can conveniently manage their gardens and take care of the plants with the help of plant health check-up app. 

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