Why most of the peoples are preferred the HostingRaja company to register a domain name?

You can register domain name by the HostingRaja Best Indian Web Hosting Company.  In this article, you will know about the domain name registration process and the importance of the domain name to your company.

What is meant by domain name?

The domain name is one of the identification strings which define the realm of the administrative autonomy, and control within the internet. The domain name is used in the various networking contexts and for the application specific name and also used in the addressing purposes. It is represented as a network domain or internet protocol. It is known as the domain name.

How can you register your domain name with the web hosting company?

HostingRaja is one of the best webs hosting company. You can register domain name with this company. Here you can also buy the domain name and domain hosting services. You have to choose the domain name which is depending upon the availability which you can buy a domain name. Most of the customers are interested to get the domain registration when buying a hosting builder. You can register your domain name of the company in a unique manner and branded to attract the more customers to your website.

How to choose your domain name and points considered while register the domain name?

You should always choose your domain name as unique and it should be easy to remember as well as the domain also attract the more customers to your site. Your domain name must reflect your business and brand name.

The important points considered while register domain name to your company are given by,

  • You must avoid the numbers and hyphens in the domain name
  • You can select the right domain name extensions
  • You must use the keywords in the domain name
  • The domain name should be simple to type and easy to pronounce
  • The unique and memorable domain name helps to attract the more visitors to your site.

These are important points you must remember in your mind while registering the domain name to your company.

What are the steps to transfer your domain name to the web hosting company?

You can also transfer your name to the HostingRaja web hosting company in a few simple processes. You can only follow the three easy steps to transfer your domain name. The steps are given by,

  1. First, you can enter the domain name which you need to transfer.
  2. You need to provide the EEP code along with your contact information
  3. Finally, they will be transferring your domain name to the web hosting company within seven to ten working days.

The steps are very simple and easy to transfer the domain name to the web hosting company.

Why do you the domain name to your site?

The domain name is the identity of your websites. The domain name is one of the most important things to your business to avoid the brand name theft. So the domain name registration is a major part of your website. Without the domain name, the website cannot be existing.

What are the key factors for the domain name?

There are some of the key factors for the make your domain name as more valuable for attracting more audiences to your website. The key factors are given by,

  • Length: Most of the customers need a short domain name to easily type in the websites.
  • Keywords: If your domains have the keyword the value of your domain will increase specifically the keywords that are hot in the chosen industry.
  • Brandability: Your domain name should have the six characteristics. They are given by,
  • Descriptive
  • Memorable
  • Unique
  • Brief
  • User friendly
  • Credible