Why You Need to Market Yourself and Business

We all know that a freelancer’s career is critical to marketing. Freelancing is a business, and you will eventually be out of business if you don’t spend time expanding your business.

Let’s look at why you need to keep the balance and some practical ways to do that between marketing and your work.

Why Do You Need to Put Effort in Marketing?

If you want to grow your business and win more and better customers, then you should focus on marketing and self-promotion. Marketing is probably what gets you out of the ditch, and so more effort is to be put in it.

Marketing is not a one-time activity. It is a constant effort that you must adopt in your daily routine to see any result.

If you had not updated your portfolio in 6 months with new work and still show the same work years ago, it might be time to cut back on marketing and do some side projects. If all marketing is working, wouldn’t you swim in customers?

  • The Perfect Balance

What is the perfect balance between marketing and design? I think a 70-30 split is ideal, with most of the day, you spend on the design and the smaller part on marketing.

And that’s what makes other people advertise on your behalf. Having raging fans increases your credibility, as you have someone else next to you to sing your praises.

  • Market Your Value

The relationships you build with your customers determine how far you are in your career. Remember, customers talk to each other, and a wrong impression from your side can remove opportunities from your table that you never knew could be offered to you.

Being conscientious about customer service and giving your customers the maximum benefit is, fortunately, a considerable part of your self-care marketing.