Wi-Fi Technology Event Solutions

By now, you should know that wireless internet is crucial to the success of virtually any event. It allows your guests to interact with your brand on social media and help broadcast it their followers and friends online, boosting your event exposure.

On the other hand, the vendor you select will determine how successful your Wi-Fi will be in satisfying the needs of your audience.

Trade Show Internet has been providing internet solutions for events for more than a decade now.

They are the industry leaders in providing reliable, secured, and fast wireless internet for any kind of event, big or small.

For a small event, Trade Internet rents plug and play mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 100 attendees.

They also design and deploy a custom high-density Wi-Fi network for large events such as music festival, trade shows, e-sports, and gaming, among many more.

The custom Wi-Fi solutions from Trade Show Internet are managed and controlled on-site by their team of network engineers ensuring network failure does not ruin your event.

Trade Show Internet Wi-Fi Services includes the following:

  • High-density Wi-Fi
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi Captive Portal and Splash Page
  • Channel planning for 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed networks
  • Interference and risk mitigation
  • Network monitoring and usage reports

Trade Show Internet will:

  • Review your requirements
  • Determine the bandwidth needs of your event
  • If needed, coordinate wireless site survey
  • Provide your with the quotation, contract, and certificate of insurance
  • Set up pre-event planning meetings
  • Coordinate travel, shipping of gears and other logistics
  • Coordinate bandwidth install
  • On-site Wi-Fi and network installation
  • Control and manage the event network
  • Strike gear after event
  • Provide data usage reports

The company maintains an extensive inventory of Wi-Fi software and hardware from leading manufacturers so that your event Wi-Fi is installed with appropriate gear to meet your coverage and capacity needs.

Whether your event is based in Colorado, Boston, New York, Tampa, or Seattle, discover how you can successfully impress your guests, improve connectivity and reap the exposure benefits that come with Trade Show Internet’sWi-Fi hotspot for events which you can utilize for your upcoming events, trade shows and conferences.