WMV Files: Ways To Open And Convert Them

Similar to an.ASF file, WMV files are video files that are compressed using Windows Media compression. It is one of the most common file formats used to store videos in Windows devices. This video can be downloaded and shared via emails easily. WMV files can be viewed using several multimedia players. Mostly, people prefer windows media and video player for running WMV files because this media player is installed on most Windows operating systems by default. People who use Mac OS don’t have to install additional information, because a free WMV player comes installed with their device.

WMV is the abbreviated form of windows media video, a compressed file format designed by Microsoft. These files are of low quality because after compression their file size reduces drastically, resulting in low-resolution videos.

How can people access WMV files? 

Windows users find no ddifufl6 in accessing WMV files because their devices come with an inbuilt windows media player where they can run such files easily. The media player is easy to be used. Mac users cannot use the free WMV player anymore because Microsoft hasn’t updated the 9th version of this player. Hence, Mac OS users need to pay and avail the services of Flick4Mac.

Of you are looking for better alternatives to access WMV files, there are many. VLC media player, MPlayer, DivX player, etc. are some of its alternatives. The best part about these multimedia players is that they support playback of WMV format. Also, these are completely free applications. In addition to this, you can visit https://www.elmedia-video-player.com/play-wmv-on-mac.htmlElmedia Player is another good option that people prefer nowadays.

Read below to know more about WMV files and their conversion process

How to convert WMV files?

If anytime you need to convert your WMV file format to any other video format, you can use online video conversion tools. These are free file converters that give quick services. Also, you can convert WMV video format into several other formats like MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and 3gp using any of the online conversion applications.

Among the popular applications are the Freemaker video converter and any video converter. They are hassle-free to access and deliver instant results. As a result, a lot of people use them nowadays. If you are using Freemake application to convert your WMV file format into another video format, your video will be directly converted to a DVD file and the Audio will be saved as an MP3 file.

For using the above-mentioned conversion tools, you need to download or install them. Then select the WMV file which you need to convert and choose the video format to which the WMV file has to be converted. Now, wait for the application to give you the desired file format. How available, some online video conversion tools don’t have to be installed. Zamzar is one such application. You need to upload the entire file to the conversion page and wait for it to complete the process of conversion. This is not a convenient process because such tools take a long time to convert. After all, the file size can sometimes be large and the application takes a lot of time to upload it and then convert.